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Rudy’s Mediterranean Grill & Bar

7185 Columbia Gateway Drive
Suite D
Columbia, MD 21046
410-290-2004 / 410-290-2010

Pros: Doner kebabs, seafood

Cons: Other dishes may need more flavoring

We have been longing for a good diner in Columbia, and we may have finally found one. I have to admit that it took us a few visits to really fall in love with this place. One thing this place suffers from is the standard Columbia curse: hard to find. You really have to hunt for this one, but we hope word of month will help them out.

We tried first some of the more standard and some not-so-standard diner dishes. The crabcakes, and stuffed mushrooms, and calamari were quite tasty, but sandwiches and wraps were thoroughly mediocre. A lot of the side dishes could use more flavoring; the table-side salt and pepper will be your friend for the lentil soup and breakfast potatoes.

The dishes that finally won us over, however, were the doner kebabs. For dinner, the Famous Iskender Kebab is pretty close to perfection. Think of it as an open-face gyro pita sandwich drenched in a tasty tomato sauce. The garlic yogurt helps balance out the peppers on the dish. The gyro, itself, is perfectly prepared, and the toasted pita adds a welcome crunchy texture.

The place does quite well with its seafood, such as the Crabcake Benedict and Fried Calamari, but the doner kebabs are what have my taste buds talking for days.
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Athens Grill

9124 Rothbury Drive
Gaithersburg, MD 20879

Pros: a lot of food for your money, Zorba Platter, neighborhood atmosphere

Cons: not many options for vegetarians

How much do we love Athens Grill? Enough that each time we run an errand in Gaithersburg, we make it a point to stop in for a bite. And for the last 3 weeks, we have been making excuses to come into Gaithersburg each week. Be warned…if you are a vegetarian, then this is not the place for you; although they do have a few vegetarian options, they are rather skimpy compared to the rest of the menu. But for everyone else, this is a Mediterranean meat-lover’s paradise.

You get a real bang for the buck, when you order off the Platter section of the menu. Not only do you get some exquisitely cooked meat, but it also comes with some pita bread, a greek salad, and your choice of french fries or rice. We always go for the rice, as it is cooked in some sort of mystery mixture of spices and butter that really hits the spot. And of course the meat is prepared to perfection. Our favorite platter is the Zorba Platter, which is a combination kabob platter with a mix of chicken, beef, and lamb, along with some gyros. Each platter is usually enough to feed the both of us.

This restaurant also has an amazing neighborhood atmosphere. As you dine here, you will likely see a bunch of people come in and out and chat with the restaurant owner as if they have known each other for ages. Seriously, tough, eating here just once made me want to move into the neighborhood so that we would not have to drive an hour to enjoy Athens Grill.