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Rudy’s Mediterranean Grill & Bar

7185 Columbia Gateway Drive
Suite D
Columbia, MD 21046
410-290-2004 / 410-290-2010

Pros: Doner kebabs, seafood

Cons: Other dishes may need more flavoring

We have been longing for a good diner in Columbia, and we may have finally found one. I have to admit that it took us a few visits to really fall in love with this place. One thing this place suffers from is the standard Columbia curse: hard to find. You really have to hunt for this one, but we hope word of month will help them out.

We tried first some of the more standard and some not-so-standard diner dishes. The crabcakes, and stuffed mushrooms, and calamari were quite tasty, but sandwiches and wraps were thoroughly mediocre. A lot of the side dishes could use more flavoring; the table-side salt and pepper will be your friend for the lentil soup and breakfast potatoes.

The dishes that finally won us over, however, were the doner kebabs. For dinner, the Famous Iskender Kebab is pretty close to perfection. Think of it as an open-face gyro pita sandwich drenched in a tasty tomato sauce. The garlic yogurt helps balance out the peppers on the dish. The gyro, itself, is perfectly prepared, and the toasted pita adds a welcome crunchy texture.

The place does quite well with its seafood, such as the Crabcake Benedict and Fried Calamari, but the doner kebabs are what have my taste buds talking for days.
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Cheeburger Cheeburger

2135 East York Rd
Timonium, MD 21093

15755 Columbia Pike
Burtonsville, MD 20866

8872 McGaw Rd
Columbia, MD 21045

14921 Shady Grove Rd
Rockville, MD 20850

Pros: amazing build-your-own-burger-menu; diner atmosphere

Cons: Limited menu outside the burger/sandwich realm

We were led to Cheeburger Cheeburger by a TV ad. And we’re glad that we found it! If you ever have a craving for burgers, this is the place to visit. The diner atmosphere recalls the 50’s and 60’s diners that you see in movies, and the service staff is incredibly friendly.

And of course the burgers…Cheeburger Cheeburger offers a range of sizes ranging from kid-size (1/8 pound) to the monstrous Pounder (actually 1 1/3 pounds). They offer the Pounder as a challenge to customers, and their entry way is filled with photos of those who have successfully taken on that challenge. Along with the burgers come a build-your-own topping menu. The topping list is fairly extensive. Be careful that you don’t end up piling on more than you can handle, and it’s easy to get a little too eager.

The fries are a little salty for my taste, but are otherwise fried beautifully and deliciously. The skins left on the potatoes leave a nice taste and texture. And while you’re there, try finishing off your meal with a malt or a shake. Just like the toppings menu, the soda and ice cream menu offers an amazing range of options.

So next time you’re there, see if you’re up to the Pounder Challenge!