Mosaic Cuisine & Cafe

186 Halpine Rd
Rockville, MD 20852

Pros: Excellent brunch selection!

Cons: Packed!

Our first restaurant entry on this list! We found this place as we were trying to look for a gathering spot with some old friends. As you may know, Rockville Pike is a haven for fine dining and good shopping. Nestled along here is this amazing eatery! So far, we can only comment on their brunch offerings, but if their brunch is any indication of what their dinner is like, we will be visiting again in the near future.

The restaurant prides itself on its unique use of waffles. Upon sight, it’s easy to see why. They look delicious! Other than waffles, Mosaic offers several other brunch options, all of them tasty! Try an eggs benedict with salmon over it. Trust me, you will thank me for the suggestion.

The only real downside to Mosaic is that you may have a hard time finding a table. When you can, make reservations and come early!


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