An Loi

7104 Minstrel Way, #9
Columbia, MD 21045

Pros: Excellent food for the price; Service was excellent

Cons: just slightly more expensive than your typical Vietnamese restaurant; very few dishes beyond typical Vietnamese fair

Given that we are big fans of Vietnamese fans, and while in the Atlanta area, we found perhaps the best Vietnamese restaurant (un)known to humankind (Pho 96), any Vietnamese restaurant that follows has big shoes to fill. Although An Loi didn’t fulfill all of our expectations, it was still damn good!

Compared to most Vietnamese restaurants, the service at An Loi far exceeded our expectations. We had never seen servers so amazingly attentive. Our wait for our food was minimal.

We had our favorite Vietnamese dishes of pho and rice vermicelli with barbecued pork. The pho was very nice, though the broth, itself, wasn’t quite as flavorful as we had expected. The rice vermicelli dish was great, but the pork wasn’t quite grilled to my taste. Given that our experience with Vietnamese restaurants has been fairly extensive, we’d have to admit that it would take a lot to really live up to our expectations. Despite our complaints, An Loi is still an excellent restaurant. There was no question about the freshness of the ingredients.

An Loi is an excellent place to take someone who has limited exposure to Vietnamese food. This is the place to take friends to give them an introduction to Vietnamese food.


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